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Useful information


01. General read more »

VeronaJourneys is owned by Licia Bassani - Verona Journeys, a company that operates as agent for property owners wishing to lease their apartments for short and long term stays. Licia Bassani - Verona Journeys in this agreement acts in the name and on behalf of owner of the selected apartment.
Booking acceptance is subject to the availability of the selected apartment and payment of the Rental Deposit. The rental fee and minimum length of stay for each apartment is available on each specific web page.

The Rental Fee is inclusive of one set of clean sheet and towels per week, post stay cleaning costs and welcoming service at arrival. Additional cleaning service, sheets and towels may be available upon request, the cost of which is to be paied in cash separately at the beginning of your stay.

The utilities are included up to the daily consumption limit stated on each apartment web page. Each forfait guarantees a comfortable stay both in summer and in winter when air conditioning or heating is turned on. You are suggested to control energy dissipation by closing the windows, keeping the internal temperature between 20 and 22 Celsius degree and switching off lights and appliances when not at home, most likely there will be no extra cost to be charged.

The exact cost of the utilities used is calcolated by reading the meters both at the beginning and at the end of the rental period. The number of energy units obtained by reading the meters will be muliplied by the average unit cost, precisely € 0,3 each Kwh of electricity and € 1 each cubic meter of gas. For the reson of guaranteeing fairness, through this procedure, you may control the consumption during your stay.

These Booking Terms and Conditions contain important information. It is essential that you carefully read and understand them. By booking you acknowledge that you have read and understood and that you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

02. Booking read more »

After placing an availability request on our website, you will receive an e-mail from our member of the Agency within maximum 2 working days as to the availability of the chosen apartment. After you have received a written confirmation of the availability Once you have received written confirmation of availability, you may proceed using the Booking Form.

Rental Fee
You are required to pay a Rental Deposit equal to 40% of the Rental Fee when filling the Booking Form.Please send us the bank transfer recipt within 2 working days, otherwise we can not guarantee the availibility of the apartment.
In the case that you make booking within less then 4 weeks prior to your stated arrival, the entire Rental Fee must be received within 2 working days.

Confirmation of booking
As soon as the Rental Deposit ( or Rental Fee) has been received, you will receive written confirmation of your booking by email from one of our staff.
Your booking will be treated as cancelled if the entire Rental Fee has not been received by the due date and you will be required to pay a cancellation fee in accordane with Condition 6.

You are suggested to ensure that all details on the Booking Form are correct. Licia Bassani - Verona Journeys reserves the right to refuse a booking without explanation. Please bear in mind that bookings cannot be accepted from person under 18 years of age at the time of booking.

03. Method of payment read more »

We accept only payments made in Euro. You can pay by:


bank transfer in favour of Licia Bassani - Verona Journeys, on the following account:
Beneficiary: Licia Bassani
Beneficiare adress: Via IV Novembre 18,37126 Verona
IBAN: IT89D030623410000001676504
Reason for payment to be stated: Your Booking Number ( stated on the booking form)

Please note that all payment made by bank transfer outside from Europe (Sepa)will be cherged an additional 15 euro fee to cover bank charges related to the receipt and/or refund of your money.

You are required to send us the banks’s recipet of the payment via

04. Arrival and Departure read more »

Apartments may be accessed between 14.00 and 20.00 on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10.00 on the day of departure.

You are required to inform us of your arrval details (flight/train number, airline company, city of departure and landing time) no later than 4 days prior to your arrival so that we may recommend the best means of transport for you to reach your apartment and arrange the handover of the apartment key.

It may be possibile to arrange for early arrival at your apartment upon request prior to your arrival, subject to availability. If you intend to arrive after 20.00, we reserve the right to charge a € 50 late arrival fee, to conduct the handover of the apartment.

05. Numbero of people read more »

When filling the Booking Form, you will be required to provide the details of all persons who will be staying at the apartment for all or part of the rental period. Please be aware that babies must be inserted on Booking Form as well. Baby cot requests will be charged € 50 to be paid at arrival. The maximum number of people allowed to stay in the apartment must be not exceed the number stated in the relevant propety description without prior written agreement. You are advised that we reserve the right to charge an additional fee, to refuse, revoke or cancel your booking at any time, if persons other than those stated in the Booking Form stay at the apartment.

You are deeply invited to keep noise levels to minimum between the hours of 13.00 to 15.00 and 23.00 to 8.00 in respect of the other residents in the building. In case of emergency,maintenance or inspection, we, Licia Bassani - Verona Journeys or one of his/her representatives, reserve the right to access the apartment, by appointment, at any reasonable time and contacting you in advance when it is possibile.

06. Cancellation read more »

If you want to cancel your booking, or part of it, you are required to notify us in writing (by e-mail) prior to your arrival. The relevant adresses can be found on the Contract section of our website. The cancellation will be effective when we receive your written notification. You may withdraw from the lease obligation under the following conditions:
• until 8 weeks before arrival: 10% of rental fee is due ( to cover administrational costs)
• from 8 to 4 weeks: 40% of rental fee is due
• from 4 to 1 week: 80% of rental fee is due
• In case of cancellation within 1 week prior to arrival 100% of the rental fee is due and there is no repayment after this termination or in case of interruption of the set out stay.

07. Security Deposit read more »

You will be required to pay a security deposit to cover costs related to any loss, theft or damage to the apartment or its contents, caused by you or your guests or visitors during the period of your stay.

You are required pay the Security Deposit in cash (euro) at arrival in contrary the apartment keys will not be provided and access to the apartment will be denied.
The security deposit will only be refunded once the inspection of the apartment has been completed.

You must inform Licia Bassani - Verona Journeys as soon as possibile in the event of any loss, theft or damage to the apartment or its contents during your stay. You will be liable to pay reasonable compensation for the loss, theft or damage, to be determined by Licia Bassani - Verona Journeys. We reserve the right to deduct from the refund of thr security deposit the calculated value of the loss, theft or damage, as well as the cost of any services that you request which are not covered by rental fee. If the value of the loss, theft or damage exceeds the value of security deposit, you will be required to pay the balance by bank transfer within 7 days of your receipt of our written notification. You will receive written confirmation ( mail ) from us of any such charges no later than 7 days of your departure.

In the event that any keys to the apartment are lost by you, the guest, or your visitors during your stay, or if you fail to return them at the end of your stay, we are entitled to charge a fine of between €50 – € 200 . In the event of you being locked out because of forgetting the keys inside the apartment we reserve the right to charge € 50 to arrange the apartment to be opened. In the event that the guest requires the presence of our staff during the stay for a reason that Licia Bassani - Verona Journeys may consider unimportant, will be charged up to € 50 euro each call.

08. The Property read more »

The Property Owner reserves the right to alter furniture, internal fittings or amenities in the apartment without prior notice. Although we make every effort to update the pictures advertised, we cannot take responsibility for minor differences between the illustration, text or photograph and the actual property.
If substantial changes are made to essential parts of the apartment, we will inform you as soon as possibile.

You are considered responsible to keep the apartment and all furniture, internal fittings and amenities in the same condition as they were upon your arrival. You must leave the apartment reasonably clean and orderly upon your departure…Licia Bassani - Verona Journeys reserves the right to charge an extra cleaning fee of between € 50-100 in cases where: are extraordinarily dirty and require substantial cleaning upon your departure
2.garbage bags are left inside the apartment upon departure.

In the unlikely event that you should encounter any technical problems or you are unsatisfied with the cleanliness of the apartment upon arrival, please contact us immediately to ensure that necessary arrangements may be made as soon as possibile. Any complaints must be addressed to Veronajourneys in writing (by email) at the beginning of your stay. No refunds or compensation will be paid in respect of complaints addressed to us after the end of your stay or if you fail to contact us immediately upon choosing to vacate the apartment during your stay.

Sub-leasing of the apartment is prohibited. Pets are not permitted in the apartment, unless expressly agreed in writing. Smoking is prohibited in all the properties, unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing. In these cases you may be requested to pay a charge of between € 50-100.

09. Cancellation by Licia Bassani - Verona Journeys or the Property Owner read more »

In the unlikely event that is necessary for us to cancel your booking of the apartment specified in the Booking Form, we will inform you as soon as possibile, and if requested, we will make our best efforts to arrange an alternative apartment of a similar type and standard and in a similar location as that orginally requested. If the suggested apartment is not available or acceptable to your wishes, we will refund in full all moneys paid and we shall be under no other liability.

10. Liability of Licia Bassani - Verona Journeys & Property Owner read more »

Neither Licia Bassani - Verona Journeys (acting as agent for the Property Owner) nor the Property Owner shall be responsible for personal injury of any person staying in or visiting the apartment, unless this depends on the proved negligence of ourselves or our employees.

Neither we nor the property owner can be held responsible for breakdown of mechanical equipment such as pumps or boilers etc, nor for failure of public utlities such as water or electricity. In the unlikely event of breakdown of mechanical equipment such as pumps or boilers etc., you are required to contact us as soon as possibile to let us ensuring necessary arrangements.

Neither Licia Bassani - Verona Journeys. nor the Property Owner is responsible for noise, nuisance or disturbance caused by third parties and/or coming beyond the boundaries of the relevant apartment. A possibile compensation for a third party activity will be at the discretion of the Property Owner and Licia Bassani - Verona Journeys will be under no obligation.

Neither Licia Bassani - Verona Journeys nor the Property Owner will take resposibility for events and occurrences beyond their control i.e. weather conditions such as high tide, fires, airport strikes etc., which are unavoidable even with due care.

Licia Bassani - Verona Journeys will not be liable for any theft occurring in the rented property.

11. Important Information for all Holiday-makers read more »

The proprierties offered by VeronaJourneys are privately owned residential properties and not official tourist accomandation such as hotels, bed & breakfast, pensions or hotel. For this reason, they cannot be rated or categorised according to conventional international standards. Indeed, the architecture and furnishings of each property shows the local culture and traditions as well as the Property Owner’s personal taste. It is the main pur pose of our agency: offering this type of accomandation wishing our cliente to enjoy and live in a typical home of Verona, trying to make their stay more comfortable as possibile and answering to all their needs or requests.

We take deep care in selecting properties that offer a range of quality and convenience and with which we believe our cliente will be satisfied. However, we cannot exclude the possibility that differences arising from the special nature of the city of Verona, its architecture, culture and traditions may result in minor inconveniences. Such inconveniences cannot be accepted as reasonable complaints.

12. Law & Jurisdiction read more »

This Agreement is governed by Italian Law, and the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Verona.